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Due to these uncertain times and the current COVID-19 pandemic,

Serena is now offering online private workshops held from her kitchen!!


We all know how important is to stay at home and be safe in this period, but we need to keep a positive mind and attitude doing what we love!! It is also a good occasion to start a new hobby, improve what you already know and challenge yourself to the next level!!


If you want to bake with the support of Serena, you can now book a private online baking class with her, learning how to make traditional Italian recipes!

You will get the chance to know all the techniques, the tips and the secrets of the recipe and ask any questions/curiosities you may have!!


Workshops start from 35 £ and are both in Italian & English.



Everything you need to create delicious Italian cakes and pasticcini and to take amazing pictures of your creations!!

Whether it's specific ingredients, cake tins or other equipment it is important to have the right baking tools!!

DOLCE London earns money from this storefront.

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