POSITION:Junior Partner


DOLCE London is looking for a junior partner in order to co-lead, expand and take the business to the next level.

In the last 2 years, DOLCE has defined a precise successful business model, with its signature products and its target client base. It has achieved consistent revenues, regular customers requests, extremely positive feedbacks and a general steady growth. 


DOLCE’s vision has still large potentials to be further expanded and developed in the London market. The junior partner would become part of DOLCE’s family and co-lead with Serena the next stages of the business.


Ideally the candidate would match these requirements:


  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Italian speaking required 

  • Graduated in a recognised Pâtisserie school

  • HACCP certificate (Level 2)

  • Lives in a flat with exclusive access to a well equipped kitchen in London (zone 1-2) as the job will be done from home 

  • Passionate about Pâtisserie

  • Good communication skills

  • Hard worker

  • Attention to details

  • Well organised


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