"There are so many forms of love.

To me, baking cakes or creating a new dessert for someone is a form of love and I enjoy seeing the reaction of people once they eat them.

If I do my job well, I can make them happy with my sweet creations.

That's why I love what I do."


DOLCE is my independent business that I founded in 2017 and it is both the result of an inborn passion for baking and a personal challenge with a desire to get back in the game.

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Naples – in the south of Italy, in a traditional neapolitan family where "cooking" has always meant not just "making food" but a way to take care of the people you love. It is a form of love.

After earning a law degree in a renowned Italian university, I became a criminal barrister, spending hours of my days in court rooms and legal firms. One day, I realised that I was not happy with how my life was going on. 

So I decided to hang up the gown to the wall and don the apron: I wanted to become a professional Pastry Chef! That's why I moved to London, to pursue my true passion and reinvent myself...

I first worked as an assistant Head Chocolatier in a luxury chocolate boutique, then as an apprentice Pastry Chef in an awarded French pâtisserie.

After these working experiences, I decided to improve myself to the very best level and get the prestigious Diplôme de Pâtisserie at the world leading culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, in London. I brilliantly graduated in December 2017.

Doing so, I just felt like I was following my real path and my dream.

I created DOLCE with one ambition: to bring the Italian traditional "dessert canapés" (pasticceria mignon) in London, but with a modern and young eye - giving my personal twist to the classic fine Italian pastries.

I chose to focus on these one-bite sized pastries for many reasons: first of all, it was a way to go back in the past, when as a child I used to eat and enjoy them with my family on Sundays lunches. 

When I bake my pastries I feel at home, even if I am miles away.

In Italy, we call them "mignon", it means "small": these pastries are actually "mini" (like canapés) but very rich in their taste and beautiful to look at. This aspect is a characteristic that really fits the person I am: tiny and "little" but with a lot of energy and a strong personality!

All my delicacies are the result of memories of my childhood, my family traditions handed down from generations, precious inherited recipes and my personal interpretations of them - sometimes combined with unusual flavours put together to give you an unexpected explosion of taste in your mouth! 


For my recipes I use simple but high quality, fresh ingredients - staying away from unnatural preservatives, food colourings and gelatine (DOLCE is vegetarian friendly!). 

I bake everything in my kitchen and each "pasticcino" is individually handmade - to create the finest Italian pastries that are not only visually beautiful and colourful, but also incredibly tasty!



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