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"Brioche col tuppo": the best way to start your day!


In this post I am very happy to share with you a recipe that reminds me of my childhood: "brioche col tuppo".

Originally from Sicily, this particularly shaped brioches are super famous here in Naples as well, as an alternative to most traditional "cornetto" (croissant).

This recipe actually belongs to my aunt - she is the master of this dough!! When we were kids, we lived very closed to each others, and when she used to make them (usually on weekends) I remember us going to her place and eating them filled with nutella... Soooo yummy!

She generally used to bake them in the shape of cornetti (and still does in this way), I think because they are easier to fill and maybe because my cousins prefer cornetti over brioches (I don't)... Anyway, once the dough is done and proofed you can give it the shape you like the most!

Here is a picture of the ones she made few weeks ago, during this lockdown... And below you can find her recipe!



500 gr flour 00 (Italian) - T45 (French)

75 gr caster sugar

50 gr unsalted butter (soft)

10 gr salt

1,5 eggs

25 gr fresh yeast

vanilla powder (to taste)

1 lemon zest (grated)

200 gr whole milk (slightly warm)


1 egg yolk + a bit of milk to egg wash


Add all the ingredients (except the milk) in a Kitchen Aid bowl with hook attachment and mix them, adding the milk little by tittle

Mix all the ingredients at speed 4 for 6-9 mins (scrape the sides every now and then)

Proof at 35 C for at least 2 hours (the dough needs to double the size) in a bowl covered with cling film

Shape the dough as you prefer (cornetti, brioche, braid...) and proof again at 35°C until they double their size.

Egg wash, then bake at 180°C for 15-20 mins


I made these brioches last weekend and I can guarantee you that the result is amazing!

You can eat them just as they are or filled with Nutella, cream or your favourite jam... So delicious!!

You can freeze them (if you are able to not eat them all!!) - and defrost them when you want, but obv it is not the same as when they are freshly baked!

Hope you will have fun baking them (and eating them of course!)... Let me know how it goes and don't hesitate to tag us in your pictures on social networks!

xx Serena

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