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Handmade Italian pastries & cakes, delivered at your door.

Welcome to DOLCE London, my Fine Italian pâtisserie online.

I believe that eating a dessert has to be a surprising experience, that’s why each single pastry is unique, finished to the highest standard to bring you delicacies that are able to turn your special moments into unforgettable experiences.

My best satisfaction is to give you - through the result of my passion - a bite of happiness!

Serena De Filippis

Italians love food.

Because it brings people together, that's why their relationship with it is incredibly special.

Eating something tasty gives happiness and it's a great way to enjoy the time with the persons you love. 

Cuisine and Pâtisserie as fine arts. 

The choice of the best ingredients and the care in their preparation are very important in Italy. This is inextricably linked with traditions: the handing down recipes from generation to generation, the repetition of rites, the sharing of culinary secrets are the core of this immense gastronomic heritage.


Eating is a ritual.

It is an inner tradition for Italian families to meet on Sundays for a long lunch or dinner that can last for hours. At the end of the meal, it is inevitable to drink a cup of espresso coffee and share a delicious "tray of pastries". 


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