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Tiramisù World Cup competition... Let's go!!


As some of you may already know, I've decided to participate to the Tiramisù World Cup competition... Kinda bold, isn't it? Maybe. But I am naturally competitive and I do believe that my tiramisù is worth a try!! Also, I must say, I really care about this dessert more than any others because I have learnt how to make it from my dad (who actually can make the best tiramisù in the world, I must confess it!!)... So every time I make one, I think of him and of all the attention he puts in its preparation. This is the reason why I have decided to compete!!

So, in this post I want to give you some more informations about this competition, the rules, the location and so on... Let's start!


The competition will be held in Treviso, a little town in the north of Italy, where the tiramisù was actually born. During two days, the 4th and the 5th of November, 600 contestants will compete to win the award!

Two categories for different ingredients:

Constestants will be divided in 2 main groups (categories) because, actually, during the subscription to the competition, you had the possibility to choose if you wanted to compete for the "traditional recipe" or for the "creative recipe".

What's the difference?

If you sign for the "traditional recipe", you are stuck with the authentic tiramisù and you can use only the 6 basic ingredients: savoiardi (Italian traditional lady fingers), mascarpone, coffee, cocoa powder, eggs and sugar. Variations are not accepted!

The "creative recipe" instead, represents innovation and gives free vent to fantasy! It requires the mandatory use of 4 basic ingredients: mascarpone, eggs, coffee, cocoa powder, but it allows replacing savoiardi with other cookies or a sponge cake, and adding up to 3 ingredients at the discretion of the competitor (no alcohol allowed).

As you can imagine, the choice was a no brain for me... Creative recipe, of course!

Rules of the competition:

The Tiramisù World Cup is an eliminatory competition: at each stage the best competitor go to the next stage.

There are 3 phases:

1. Selections: competitors regularly enrolled will participate. During this phase, competitors are divided into groups of up to 15 persons of the same category (Original Recipe or Creative Recipe): each group is assigned to a dedicated jury. The contestant who scores the highest score of his/her group will win.

2. Semifinals: Winners of the Selections will participate. With the Semifinals, we will face a challenge between 4 groups: 2 for the Creative Recipe and 2 for the Original Recipe. As with the selections, each group will be assigned to a dedicated jury. The contestant who scores the highest score of his/her group will win.

3. Final: the 4 Winners of the Semifinals will participate. That Final will be an unprecedented challenge: the 2 Best Original Recipes and the 2 Best Creative Recipes will contend for the World Champion title in front of a truly special jury. The Contestant who scores the highest score, regardless of category, will win the title!

Evaluation criteria: 5 criteria will determine who can really make the best Tiramisu in the world.

For each criterion, a rating of 1 to 10 will be awarded:

- technical execution

- equilibrium of the dish

- aesthetic presentation

- intensity of the taste

- harmony and flavor

Who are the judges?

A jury every 15 contestants during the Selection, one every 10 contestants for the Semifinals and a Selected Jury full of surprises for the Finals that will nominate the World Champion!! There will be:

- 1 professional: representing the professional food service

- 1 blogger: representing the innovation

- 2 gourmets: representing the final customers


Sooooooo, these are the main infos to understand what I am going to do but you can find everything in the link above at the beginning of my post (it will redirect you on the official english page of the competition).

As you can imagine, I already cannot wait to be there on my station!!

In these weeks I will be experimenting new recipes to find my best creative tiramisù to bring at the competition... So stay tuned and fingers crossed!!

I wish you a fantastic weekend and remember: you can't buy happiness but you can buy a cake. And it's kinda the same thing!

xx Serena

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